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Social Media Advertising is an essential part of marketing campaigns for businesses. While display ads and search ads have their space, creative social media ads are in the limelight due to their ability to create awareness and drive traffic to your website with little cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimization is about boosting your site over search results for phrases or keywords relevant to your business. To achieve top rankings on SERPs (search engine result pages), here are a few effective strategies one can implement:

– Frequently publishing optimized and quality content:
– Earning relevant and quality links
– Improving your website speed
– Streamlining site structure and making it easy-to-navigate
– Optimize for mobile
– Update site regularly

While these strategies will work on most sites, what stands out is creating a custom SEO strategy where you only focus on elements that drive the best results.

Monitoring website performance is imperative to understand what SEO strategies work the best for a specific business. Our team uses several tools to get the most crucial website metrics, including, but not limited to, Google Analytics, SEMRush, Clicky, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, Optimizely, and GT Metrix.

There’s nothing like experiencing a sudden algorithm update from Google since it can leave business owners concerned and confused about what hit their rankings on Google. To ensure none of your efforts is obsolete, we keep appropriate tools in place to track your website on search engines. These tools allow us to create a future proof SEO strategy.

Yes. We have excellent teams of talented and experienced website developers and designers. Everything we do complies with the latest and most effective SEO practices.

Keyword research refers to the language used by your target audiences on search engines while searching for your content, services, or products. It is important to know what people are typing on search engines and offer them content based on them. 90.63% of web pages fail to get any traffic from Google because they ignore keyword research.
Our team of experienced SEO professionals uses different tools such as SEMRush or Keyword Planner to provide you with the most relevant keywords for your business. Our keyword research process consists of identifying the seed keywords. These keywords mostly define your industry. For instance, if you’re selling coffee machines, your seed keywords might be coffee, cappuccino, espresso, and more. Note that we don’t necessarily use seed keywords to target any page of your website. As the name contains seeds, these will be used as ‘seeds’ for keyword research..
We then move on to your competitors and identify the keywords sending traffic to them. But before that, it is essential for us to identify your competitors. This is where the seeds are useful. We Google any of your seed keywords to see who is ranked on the first page. Our next step is to use premium keyword research tools to analyze your competitors and come up with a list of keyword ideas that we will target through different pages of your website. We have perform various keyword research of almost every niche in the areas including India, UK, USA, Switzerland, etc.

Our SEO team constantly monitors clients’ website performance on SERPs to keep up with the ever-changing search engine algorithms. We test and use the best SEO practices throughout the website to avoid client websites falling in front of algorithm updates. When it comes to Google algorithm updates, they can affect your:

– Search engine ranking & visibility
– Organic search traffic
– Conversions
– Revenue
– Return on investment (ROI)

We stay readily available for our clients ensuring their website never comes up short with the changes.

SEO practices remain somewhat similar to varying business sizes. These only change a little as per different business needs and industry types. We perform on-page SEO first to optimize your website and content for search engines. Once done, we focus on off-page SEO using guest blogging, targeting long-tail keywords, inviting others to blog on your site, increasing internal linking, promoting your site on different forums, and building a community.

Our strategy for improving organic traffic for small business websites have three major steps including:

– Creating accurate, fact-based content that people search for.
– Enhancing your SEO titles.
– Optimizing your page descriptions.

Our goal remains to track your results and consistently improving your organic traffic as per keyword search volume.

We have served several businesses in the real estate industry. With massive competition flooding the industry, we must start with an in-depth site audit. We then move on to increasing their visibility over various local communities and listing sites. Since most real estate businesses serve hyperlocal areas, we perform area-specific SEO and promote the website on local searches. After focusing on all the key areas of the website, such as site structure, page structure, content, usability, and links, we ensure that the website is easily accessible on all the devices considering that 52% of the global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Google My Business and other relevant business directories play a vital role in giving you a presence over the internet and increase your traffic.

We have been fortunate to work with some big e-commerce clients, with some of them holding hundreds of pages. We encounter countless SEO issues while dealing with e-commerce websites. Still, through effective strategies, you can deal with these issues and improve the organic traffic to a product-based digital store. Here are a few ways we use to boost organic traffic on eCommerce websites:

– Optimizing for long-tail keywords
– Optimizing old and new product pages
– Using user-generated content for optimizing product pages
– Keeping an up-to-date technology – Avoiding duplicate product pages or descriptions
– Properly using rel-canonical and avoiding on-site content duplication.

Every website has a different set of issues and requirements to rank no. 1 on SERPs for various keywords. While on-page SEO marks half the job done, it cannot be considered enough to rank a website on no.1 SERPs.

On-page SEO consists of optimizing every element of a website as per search engine algorithm. From URL to all the media files, page titles, descriptions, everything related directly to the website will be included in on-page SEO. However, when it comes to promoting a fully optimized website to get links (which is the basic ranking factor since the PageRank algorithm), you need to consistently perform off-page SEO. Your website will only rank on no.1 position in SERPs if you focus on both on-page as well as off-page SEO.

As we explained earlier, local SEO boosts your rankings over local online directories and Google My Business results. Since real estate is a geo-location-based business where you have to establish a strong presence in the area you serve, local SEO enhances your online presence in specific locations and helps you build a business network in that location

Google considers backlinks from older domains influential and trustworthy. Quality backlinks have been the base of the Page Rank algorithm- one of Google’s first ranking algorithms. Backlinks define the authority and reliability of your website, which determines where your website should stand on search engine rankings.

Quality backlinks allow businesses to gain domain trust/authority. According to Quick Sprout, Google’s ranking algorithm gives 30% weightage to domain trust while defining rankings. Another stat reveals that all SEOs invest $10,000 per month or more to get quality backlinks.

Yes. Directory submission and forum submission are essential practices of Off-Page SEO. Both of these can help attract relevant traffic to your website and get quality no-follow links. Both these push your page rank higher by providing authority backlinks to your website, eventually boosting the website ranking over SERPs.

SEO gurus from a third party website MOZ introduced Domain Authority and Page Authority to determine how Google may perceive a website. Over the years, Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) have been incredible metrics at predicting a website’s authority over search engines. Given on a scale of 1 to 100, DA and PA are measured using proprietary algorithms of search engines. However, having a 100 DA or PA website does not necessarily mean that it ranks well on SERPs. These are just for the user base following the metric.

The spam score is NOT a ranking factor, according to Google. It is a metric introduced again by MOZ back in 2015. The score itself can help make informed SEO decisions since it indicates how spammy Google can perceive a subdomain.

There are over 200 factors that affect your rankings over Google. However, here are the ten most crucial SEO ranking factors that can help you dominate the search results.

– A secure website (SSL)
– Page or Site Speed (Including Mobile Speed)
– Optimized URL, Domain Age, Authority
– Mobile Friendliness
– Optimized Content
– Technical SEO
– User Experience
– Social Signals
– Links
– Authentic Business Information

Improving your website’s rankings on SERPs may seem complicated and confusing with so many ranking factors in place and so many strategies to use. However, our team of veteran SEO experts keeps it simple by following a three-step process to boost your website’s ranking over SERPs:

– Determining Your Issue(s)
– Providing a Hypothesis for What Can Be Done
– Implementing All the Fixes

When you hand your website to LEIS, we ensure that we guide you through these three steps not to make anything confusing and produce results by pushing your website higher on SERP rankings.

We use an array of premium tools to perform keyword research, starting from SEMRush, keyword planner, Soolve, Jaaxy, Google Search Console, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, SECockpit, and more.

As the official website states, the Alexa Rank is based on the estimated average unique visitors you get daily and estimated pageviews over the last 3 months on your website. Alexa Rank does not directly impact SEO, but it can represent your website’s current situation over the search engines. It is a cause-and-effect relationship where you can improve your Alexa Rank by boosting your site over search engine rankings and increasing your website traffic through SEO.

Website Trust Flow(TF) refers to the value of a website. TF is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 and is solely based on the quality of backlinks on a website. With links from the most credible sites, you tell search engines how close you are to these sites. We can boost the TF of your website by developing a strategy tailored to your business. These are the steps we take to grow your site’s TF:

– Contact Influencers
– Publish guest posts on the seed sites (credible sites)
– Performing relevant internal linking
– Auditing backlinks to your website
– Creating high-quality, valuable content for your visitors

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